Friday, September 28, 2012



Iranian: 'Our money is becoming more and more worthless every day' - World News

  I would like to help out the average citizen of Iran. NOT the government, but ordinary people. I do not believe the people are so bad as my government says they are. They are ordinary people with lives and hopes like the rest of us. Just because their higher ups wanna be fools and such shouldn't mean that the little person should starve. So, to that end, I have an offer. Now, remember that I am poor but not out. My offer is.........I will pay $1 for every 10,000 Rials. At that rate I can only afford to buy 200,000 Rials at this time. That is almost 3 times the going rate. (On Tuesday the currency hit an all-time low against the U.S. dollar, trading at 26,500 to the U.S. dollar on the open market).
  Now remember, this is a private transaction between two people. I, in no way, support the actions of the country of Iran. I will not import or export anything to Iran. My country has laws and such that say what I can and cannot do in relation to Iran and several other countries. I will abide with that.
   I just don't think the ordinary person should have to suffer for the actions of a few old men. With that said, leave me a comment or whatever and I will get back to you. 

Iranian: 'Our money is becoming more and more worthless every day' - World News:

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 If you can read this-thank a teacher; If you can read it in English- thank a military veteran(esp. a WWII vet)

I have seen this written before but just wanna say it again. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Can't blame Canada

US soldier who refused to go back to Iraq arrested on return from Canada - World News:
Tutu: Iraq war based on 'a lie'
Nobel peace prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, famous for campaigning against apartheid in South Africa, made a last-ditch plea for the Canadian authorities to allow Rivera to stay. "“When the United States and Britain made the case in 2003 for the invasion of Iraq, it was on the basis of a lie. We were told that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, and that these weapons posed an imminent threat to humanity,” he wrote in The Globe and Mail newspaper Monday.
“But those who were called to fight this war believed what their leaders had told them. … U.S. soldiers such as Kimberly Rivera, through her own experience in Iraq, came to the conclusion that the invasion had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Indeed, the presence of U.S. forces only created immense misery for civilians and soldiers alike,” he said.
“Those leaders to whom soldiers such as Kimberly Rivera looked for answers failed a supreme moral test. More than 110,000 Iraqis have died in the conflict since 2003, millions have been displaced and nearly 4,500 American soldiers have been killed,” he added."

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Shhhh, the Archbishop is talking. Listen up.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thank you for using Picture and Video Messaging by U.S. Cellular. See for info.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I took a check, to be cashed, to CHASE BANK. A law firm had written me a check from their account at CHASE BANK. I took it to CHASE BANK because it was a CHASE BANK check. I presented proper ID and they said no problem. But there would be a SIX DOLLAR charge to cash it! WTF? It is their check but I have to pay because I am not a customer? No f*cking thought to the 'customer' whose account the CHASE BANK check was written from? And my unemployment debit card, handled by CHASE BANK, does not count as an account? I was owed money, was paid money, and CHASE BANK thinks they need to have some of it too. So, F*ck you, CHASE BANK! Keep the $6. Maybe I should thank you for not charging me to get my unemployment check? A**holes.

I am freaking tired of companies thinking that they have a right to my money. Every little thing has a fee. They take my money at the drop of a computer key but take forever if they owe me money. Hey, CHASE BANK and all you others, I can see, on my computer, that my transactions are in an instant. You take my money at that moment, so don't give me no lame ass excuse about how it is gonna take you so many 'business days' to get my money to me. It is total BS and I and other people know it. We are not idiots. I hate banks.