Wednesday, September 28, 2011

  I just learned something from an article today. Surprized me. It seems as if a whole lotta folks are really upset about airport screening these days. Ya know, metal detectors, pat downs(xxx), x-ray eye machines and whatnot. It's those terrorists, right. Dirty, rotten assholes. Privacy lost. And whether most people wanna admit it, or not, we blame faceless ideas like Al Quada or islamics. All Middle Easterners all become suspect. Right? They are the terrorists, right?
                          Hold on , everyone.
  Now the gist of the article is this. Seems back in the 70s these bunch of dipshits from Detroit hijack a plane. They fly to various places, making threatening faces, and end up with a million dollars and head off to Algiers. Algiers let them stay but took the money. So this one hijacker ends up in Portugal and they find him 40 years later. Cool story but not my point.
                           Bear with me now.
     It seems this hijacking was the one that finally pissed off the government so bad that they installed the first metal detectors at airports. Now are you paying attention here? I said, AMERICANS were a direct cause of installing metal detectors! One of US(A) got on a plane and hijacked it and terrorized a planeload of passengers! Does this story sound familiar? Only this time it wasn't 'them'.
                          It was us.
    Now everyone that knows me, knows that I am a proud American. I just think that we, as a nation, as a people, should maybe look inward before we start blaming. Every great society, whether based on religion on not, has had it's assholes that think killing and blowing up stuff is the way. The vast majority of society does not prescribe to this asinine behavior. Whether it is for religion, money, or power civilization cannot permit it.
                            So be it.
   But it just does not make sense to hate and blame a whole race or religion because of these few nincompoops. I believe that most people are good. Human beings, no matter the flavor, are inherently good. We are all very different but in many ways the same.
                        Tolerate. Please.
   So when you are sitting around thinking about how bad 'those' people are, maybe you will run across a story that will remind you that 'they' are everywhere. Even hidden on the 'good' guy's side.

Huey Long's Share Our Wealth Speech

This, by far, one of the best speeches I have read. It says alot about what I think needs to be done today for our country. Written by a man, a senator,a governor of Louisiana, a presidential candidate over 75 years ago. (He was assassinated in 1935 by 'political enemies'. Terrorists in today's language)  Anyway, if you have a few minutes, read. I think you will be impressed.

 Huey Long's Share Our Wealth Speech:

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