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   I figure myself to be an 'intermediate' user of computers. Pretty good with software and figuring what needs to be done. Not an expert by far tho. I got a little pirate in me too. (a canoe pirate) I can get people outta jams with bugs and viruses. Get music and games. Picture fixing. Online storage. "Manipulating the online experience to facilitate maximum enjoyment."(great line!) That sort of stuff.
   I know that lots of others have created lists like this one, but I don't care. Mine, of course, is better. Haha. The following sites have FREE software. I have used all of these on a regular basis and have found them to be outstanding. Clean, easy installs. No viruses. And they work.
   Now, if you want to go down to big box and pay nerds to do this stuff, go ahead. Waste your money. Or do it yourself and screw them. If, and that's a big if, you should have trouble with any of these programs please write or you can call using the Call me button. First time is free, after that I want candy. :)
   Some of these are fun, some are serious. Like Anti-virus and firewalls. Serious. Music downloads. Fun. Just be careful and have fun.

Anti- virus
   I am only listing one here. No need for more. For an everyday home user, this is the freaking best! If you don't have anti-virus protection, go here.    Avast! Anti-Virus Protection

   Again, only one. It asks for permission for any programs going in or out of your system. Blocks the ones you don't want. Silently keeps the bad guys outta your shit. This is a great company. If you don't have a firewall, get it now!     Zone Alarm by Checkpoint 

   Now that you have your anti-virus and firewall taken care of there is one more thing. The aforementioned programs are 'passive' protections. You don't really have to pay attention to them. They work in the background and do a very good job of watching your back. But you do have to do things to keep your machine running as best as it can. Think of it as, ya don't have to know how your car runs but ya gotta keep air in the tires. And with that let me say  Obit Advanced System Care  Download the free version. It will be all the everyday user needs. Just start the program from your desktop, click 'scan' ,wait and it will show all that needs to be fixed. Malware, registry fixes, privacy issues, etc.  Click 'repair' and that's it. Even easier if ya don't care about what is broke, just click 'scan and repair' in the beginning. I do this about once a week. Just start it and go about surfing the web. Works in the background. Eazy, peezy, deezy, so no excuse. You WILL notice a difference.

Still thinking of more............

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