Sunday, January 30, 2011

Me and Mymy

We decided that a morning snack would be all the rage so in looking for that perfect item we came across Beech Nut Homestyle Pears and Blueberries(booberries, if you want). Wonderful stuff that. 6 oz,calories 170, Vitamin C 45%!, lot of potassium 300 mg(good stuff), a little iron and calcium thrown in. mmmm Purple too! Made with natural ingredients. ( that doesn't impress me as much tho. After all 'arsenic' is Then four ounces of formula. Just taking the morning snack to all new levels! Tasty and nutritious.
Now this perfect lil girl takes all these wonderful things, Mother Nature and Mama, spared no expense, and eats them all up. Just delicious. Lots of smiles and good times. Her world is heaven. Her lil body is just ecstatic. Then what, you ask? It gets all processed, used and mixed, in and out, all around, just helping to create more of a beautiful child and she does what to say thanks? Downloads the most disgusting, slimy, smelling, sticky, oocky, icky, horrific, god awful mess that could be. Bio suits and independent air supplies come to mind as you hold your breath for the clean up. To her? Just another fun thing to do with her day, bless her heart. And what do we say about it? She gave you a 'present'. lol Silly grownups. We think we are in charge. :)