Friday, May 27, 2011

Air France

"The pilots never panicked," BEA director Jean-Paul Troadec said on RTL radio, adding that they maintained professionalism throughout.

The passengers, he suggested, probably fell to their deaths without knowing they were doomed.

Friday, May 6, 2011


   This is a very disturbing video of children playing war. War as they know it. They are being the suicide bomber! The hero! The Taliban approves of this 'game' as it will teach the children what to expect if they are ever in a war. This is terrible. These third world children being taught that killing and suicide are proper and honorable ways of acting. We should rush in there on our white horses a save these poor helpless children. Killing in the name of religion? How barbaric is that? Geez.
    Now, now, hold on there Mr and Ms patriotic American. Do we remember G.I. Joe? I loved that guy. It was cool to be a soldier. He had just about everything needed to win. I played war, cowboys and Indians.  Nobody wanted to be the Indians.(Krauts, or Japs either for that matter. Losers.)  How many war 'hero's' can you name? Tens? Hundreds? How about war hero's that became president? (Grant really bugs me, lol). Do we not bomb innocent people? (Ask Mr Nixon about his 'carpet' bombing. Dresden,anyone?) Can my children and I watch on TV how we are 'saving' the world everyday? We kill with remote control airplanes! We don't even have to be there.  I woke up to my kids playing a video game where the main objective is to shoot people! (Kill. Kill!  Blood and pouring guts. Veins in my teeth. I mean kill!) WE ARE TEACHING THE SAME DAMN THING? It is a noble and honorable thing to give your life for your country or beliefs? If this is so, then are they all that different from us?
    Now don't get me wrong, I will stand up for my beliefs and way of life. I was taught to and it is embedded in me. America, even with it's sometimes terrible faults, is the best around. No doubt. At least to us. And that's the thing. They are people, in many ways no different than us, and we, as human beings need to teach the children that the hate must stop. You don't have to like them, just tolerate them.