Monday, October 31, 2011


 Ok, they knew they were in trouble. Gave the baby away. Not a good thing, mind you, but better than killing it. And they are still in trouble. That's the problem.
  People are fucking stupid. We know that. Some people don't even need drugs or alcohol. These people need a place that they can put their kids without getting into trouble. No matter what the reason that they cannot take of their children, wouldn't we, as a society, want them to give them up rather than the child live in a neglectful and maybe abusive household? Should we not let the adult get away with a 'crime' so that the child is ok? 
  A parent should do their very best for the child. Teach them, guide them, and take them where they need to be.   Some parent's are better at it than others. But what if a parent decided that, in the best interest of the child, they shouldn't be with them? For whatever reason. We give 'medals' to parents who go above and beyond. So, short of giving your life for your kid, would not giving up your child for it's best interest(not your own) be right up there? So wouldn't giving up your child, so that it might live, be a noble thing even if the reasons were horrific? 
  I would have been that neighbor who took the child. I would not have said a word.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Smoking is cool

Does anyone know someone who really likes outside, and for sure, campfires? Let's see if we can get him to smoke. It was not real hard to convince(fool) a 15 yr old. Good job guys.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

US Citizens not terrorists!

It seems to me that the FBI is saying that US citizens are not terrorists, at least according to this quote. Only foreigners do that shit, right? I bet there are some citizens in Oklahoma who might argue that. Remember, terrorists are idiots that come from all races, religions, and countries.

"The FBI continues to investigate, but initial indications are that there was no terrorist intent. This guy is a U.S. citizen," said FBI Special Agent Mark White in Dallas.    

Saturday, October 15, 2011


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